And this too shall pass.. 

  I hate boys. I hate men. I hate males. 

“You attract what you give out” – Men. 

Me being an asshole, should have nothing to do with how I get treated by a man. I can’t tell you how many situationships i’ve been in and i’m gonna be honest with you all, I have never had a real ex-boyfriend like I said I have. To me, that’s sad–almost desperate that i’d go so far to call a man my ex when we didn’t even establish a relationship. I’d catch myself thinking there’s something absolutely wrong with me. “Maybe I show off too much, maybe I should stop posting pictures.” I’d tell myself. No. I won’t even find a good guy like that either. It seems as though I’d find a guy I actually like, we’ll hit it off, go out to eat, and even go as far as having sex! But, let me ask him if he’s like to take it any further, and its a “We don’t have to put a label on it.YES WE DO! Married people aren’t out here wearing their wedding rings saying “We’re gonna be together for a long time  but there’s no label.” I can’t tell you how many times i’ve cried over guys not appreciating me enough, how many times i’d break my back for someone who just thought of me as company with a vagina. Why is it that men feel obligated to approach women with no content? with no reasoning? Oh, just so you can have sex with us and go out to eat with us and connect with us on a deeper level? And you’re telling me that you’d do all that and still not claim me? Still threaten me with sentences like “You’re not even my bitch” How is that fair? You wanna keep me around, keep giving me hope on a relationship but you won’t do it because YOUR pride is too strong—or let me guess you’re not ready and won’t be ready for a while because you’re ex xheated on you. I’ve went as far as 3 years risking everything to stay over at a nigga’s house for a weekend just so I can feel loved by him cause that’s all I’ve ever wanted for him, and he still did not claim me, he still did not do shit for me but waste my entire time. It’s crazy how you can literally do so much for a person and they’ll still go behind your back and do something they know would upset you. Now, this isn’t about me not being claimed, this is about the actions of boys who think they can do whatever they want to which fuels my HATE for them. My fire actually fuels from men thinking they can crush hearts and talk to and treat women however they fucking want to. I’m done. I’m done being played with, I’m done with half-assed feelings, I’m done with situationships, I’m done with everything. I want nothing to do with emotions for males. And this feeling, hating males, giving up, playing them, using them for sex and dates, shall pass.. I will find someone to love me and cherish me and give me the world without me having to ask one day. Someone who won’t make me question myself if what we have is even real. This too will pass. 


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