Hello to all! My name is Leshae Arrington, and I’m 18 years old—young as hell—I know. My birthday is June 13th and I am a flipping Gemini. I was born in Bronx, New York and lived there for about 10 years before my Mom decided we’d move to New Jersey. “We’re moving to Jersey!” is not the best thing you want to be told as a 10 year old new yorker. Not that there’s anything wrong with Jersey, it’s just a dramatic ass shift in terms of the setting. I am Afro-Rican. My mother was Puertorican and my father is African-American with a tiny bit of West-Indian descent (I don’t claim it because when you’re already mixed it’s lowkey super extra to add a percentage of anything.) I love everything about the industry whether it be music, or fashion it just happens to be around me 24/7. I want to be a fashion illustrator when I grow up, so I study Digital Arts. (I’m a freshman in college btw.) I love to draw, I love to make things look beautiful. I’m obsessed with horror films—the classic kinds. ‘Bride of Chucky’, ‘Dawn of the Dead’, ‘Scream’ are some of my favorites. I don’t necessarily have a favorite food but I do enjoy pizza every once in a while.

Now enough about me, here’s the part where I explain why I created this blog.

I created this blog because I feel like I’m super vocal about everything. Nothing gets left in the dark when it comes to my situations or my opinions. The reason for that being so is because I believe the corny “We only live once” saying is fundamental. Why not share your experiences? Why not share your opinions with others? A lot of people go through the same things you go through every single day, so why not talk about it? My blog will feature my daily thoughts, random things, exclusive pictures of events or beautiful things and people I encounter, stories, how I get through any sad emotion I have and so and so. But yeah, Hope people can relate and enjoy!

– hepbvrn

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